Determine if You Are Using a Legitimate Online Dating Service

Let’s assume you have set your eye on a gorgeous Asian woman. You randomly came across her profile in an ad on another site, and it seems that you need to sign up for the service before you get to see her full profile. Would you sign up to unknown to you just because you saw a picture of a stunning woman? It is likely that your answer is a resounding “YES!”. Humans are wired to do anything in the name of love. While we agree with that, it is still vital to protect yourself and make sure you are on a legitimate online dating site.

legitimate online datingUnfortunately, there are always sites that one cannot trust. The ugly truth is that some people who are sincere in their intentions of finding love online, get exploited by scammers and have gotten their heart broken. That is what happens if you can’t tell a good dating site from the worst.

Have a look at all the negative reviews about online dating sites and see how some bad sites have misled their subscribers. The number one thing you want to do is to make sure the site has a strict anti-scam policy. All legitimate sites have one that offers members tips on how to stay safe and how to detect a scam.

We have listed some tips you can use to stay safe while online dating:

Asking for money

The most obvious red flag to watch out for is for someone who asks you for money. No matter what their story is, you should never wire them anything from your account. Usually, there are sad stories involved, and you are made out to be the only person on earth who can help. If you saw this happening on a good online dating site, you could report this to the customer service, but on bad ones nothing happens when you do. The best thing is to stay away from that person in the future.


If you have been in conversation with someone and it often seems like they change their opinions, details about their life or even the kind of language they speak, the chances are that someone is trying to lead you into a trap. Leaving the situation is the best action to take.

Trust your instincts

Our instincts are programmed to keep us safe. Usually, you can tell if you are on a legitimate online dating site or not by listening to your gut feeling. If it tells you that something is off or is too good to be true – it probably is. Analyze what makes you feel uncomfortable and see if you need to leave the situation.