Divorce Lawyers Say These Are The Most Efficient Relationship Killers

When it comes to problematic relationships, there is probably no one more seasoned than divorce attorneys. It is quite safe to say that they have seen it all as concerns breaking up relationships. This is why there is no one better to ask about the worst relationship killers.

These common relationship killers are the way relationships die.
How do relationships die?

Breaking Down The Worst Relationship Killers

There are a million reasons why relationships and marriages fall apart, but some of them are more frequent than others. Let’s have a look.

Lack Of Communication

The number one reason cited for marriage and relationships breakdown is a lack of effective communication.  Caught up in the problems of everyday life, the couple either forgets about the importance of real communication or simply thinks that there is no need for it. As a result, the two partners lose touch; they develop as individuals outside the relationship and one day discover that they no longer know each other well.

Lack Of Intimacy

Another victim of mundanity and everyday issues is intimacy. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for couples to slowly lose touch as lovers and become more like roommates. Couples often report that their financial issues, disagreements over household chores; even becoming too comfortable with each other result in their losing romantic and sexual interest in one another and turning into friends rather than lovers.

Lack Of Understanding

At an age where selfishness is a glorified behavior, partners often put themselves before their other half. People who have decided to break off their marriage often talk about a partner who was so preoccupied with him/herself that was unbearable. Not picking up the kids from school, refusing to take responsibility for marriage or relationship problems, being emotionally absent and neglecting to pull their weight in the marriage are clear manifestations of indifference and lack of compassion. The sacrifices one partner doesn’t make for a relationship, fall on the shoulders of the other; simple as that.

Being Taken For Granted

Being confident in yourself and your partner’s feelings and loyalty is one thing, but taking them for granted is another. Many people complain about their partner’s change of behavior once they take the step from dating to cohabitating and getting married. It seems that some of us become over-complacent once the deal is sealed, that is after our wedding vows are said, and simply stop caring about courting our spouse or paying her compliments the way we used to. The feeling of being taken for granted is one that causes great bitterness, though, and the neglected party soon loses interest and decides he/she will be better off alone.

It would be great if we could deal with every problem that comes up in our relationships and marriages, but sometimes it seems that relationship killers are so lethal we simply can’t fight them. In those unfortunate cases, it might be best to soberly step away from a toxic relationship and look for a second chance in love.