Do Relationships That Started As Friendships Last Longer?

Despite western culture’s fixation with what is called “love at first sight”, in the real world the Cupid doesn’t always hit us with his arrow the minute we see someone. And even if he does, there is no guarantee that the relationship will flourish. There is also another kind of love, the one that starts as platonic and evolved. In fact, it has been found that relationships that started as friendships can last longer.

Do relationships that started as friendships have better chances of success?
Is love at first sight ideal or do relationships that started as friendships actually last longer?

The Factors That Make Relationships That Started As Friendships Strong

You know what to expect. There is no guessing game here. You know your partner well. You have probably heard about her previous experiences and relationships, you know how her mind works and you know that she and you and compatible.

You are comfortable around each other. Because you know each other so well, you feel that intimacy between you comes very naturally. The fact that you can be yourself is comforting and sweet. No awkwardness and no putting on a show to impress.

You are more certain of each other’s feelings. In a relationship with someone we don’t know, we keep trying to figure out whether they like us enough or whether there are parts of us that might scare them off when they surface. No need for this when you have been friends before, though.

Why Relationships That Started As Friendships May Not Work

You know what to expect. The fact that you know what you are getting into might be comforting, but it also detracts from the excitement you would experience if you were going out with someone you just met.

You can get a little too comfortable around each other. The fact that you feel accepted and desired by the person who used to be your friend might bring some complacency into the relationship. You should never forget to take care of your appearance, be tactful around each other and keep the flame alive.

You can take the other person’s feelings for granted. One of the biggest mistakes in any long-term relationship is quite easy to make in a romantic relationship that started out as a friendship. You might feel she accepts you the way you are and you may stop making an effort to maintain a good behavior towards her. Respect and actively expressing our love should never fade.

It is clear that the transition from friends to lovers is not an easy one, as it can hide some possible dangers for your relationship just as it can have large benefits. It is up to you to avoid the traps of complacency and too much familiarity and keep the flame alive.

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