Do You Have Intimacy Issues? Here’s How You’ll Know

As a couple, one way for you to connect with each other is to do intimate activities. These activities include sharing secrets, cuddling, having intimate conversations, and spending time in the bedroom. All of these activities come naturally for most couples as it is part of the process of a couple drawing closer. If you’re not the type of couple who does this, you should assess if you or your partner have intimacy issues.

Do You Or Your Partner Have Intimacy Issues? Here's How You'll Know | Asian Date
Are you dealing with intimacy issues?

Signs Of Intimacy Issues

You can say that a person has intimacy issues when he or she is afraid of being close emotionally and physically with another person. Specifically, you’ll know if a person has a fear of intimacy when you spot the following signs:

Commitment Problems

If either you or your partner have a fear of getting married, you might have intimacy issues because you fear monogamy or spending the rest of your life with just one person.

Relationship History

Check your partner’s relationship history. If he or she has been divorced, has cheated on a past partner or has always been the person doing the breaking up, this could be a sign of intimacy issues.

Number Of Past Partners

If a person is going from one partner to the other like through socks, it could be a sign that this person is afraid of commitment and getting too close to others.

Trouble Trusting Your Partner

Do you do things on your own? Or, do you let your partner help you out? If your answer is no, it means that you don’t want your partner too close to you because you don’t trust him or her.

So, Now What?

If you spot all of these signs in your current relationship or yourself, what will you do?

If you have intimacy issues, you need to work on those. You can either seek professional help to assess where your intimacy issue is coming from and resolve it or you can deal with it on your own. But, you really need to consider professional help if you think the problem has persisted long enough.

If your partner is the one with the intimacy issues, you need to determine if you’re ok to stay with a person who has trouble committing.

We hope that we have helped you in identifying a person with intimacy issues. Always take a proactive step in solving these kinds of problems. You may not be ready for a serious relationship yet, so consider the points you read on this post. For more dating and relationship tips, check out more posts from our blog.