Do You Suffer From Nice Guy Syndrome?

Once upon a time, being called nice was a compliment. But how times change. When a guy is called “nice” nowadays it is almost like an insult. What is Nice Guy Syndrome and what should you do if you are suffering from it without even knowing it?

How to know if you are suffering from nice guy syndrome and how to deal with it.
Do you suffer from nice guy syndrome without even knowing it?

The Symptoms of Nice Guy Syndrome

Here are the symptoms to look out for if you want to know whether you are a sufferer of the syndrome.

First of all, the ‘nice guy syndrome ’ sufferer usually has low self-esteem. This lack of confidence might be the reason why he is trying so hard to overcompensate by being super nice, indulging and almost unable to say ‘no’ to his lady, for fear that she will reject him if she does.

Another attribute of the “nice guy” is that he constantly feels that he is being done wrong. This person’s idea of himself is actually mirrored in the way he sees others treating him. Simply put, Mr. Nice Guy might seem harmless and unassuming, but, in reality, he is quite calculating and demanding.

What is more, a nice guy syndrome sufferer will lash out and show a completely different face when he gets friend-zoned, as he expects his object of desire to give something back for all the deep conversations and hours of giving advice that he has invested in them.

What To Do If You Think You May Be A Sufferer

It won’t be a nice realization if you find yourself to be a sufferer of nice guy syndrome. However, lucky for you there are ways to improve the situation significantly.

Take a long hard look at yourself. Work on your self- confidence and learn to appreciate and love yourself as you are. Respect your own desires and don’t feel pressured to compromise just to please others.  You will find that others will respect you more when you stand your ground and women are actually more attracted to a confident man than one who panders to their every whim.

There is no need to go from “nice guy” to “nasty guy”, though. Be “cool, confident guy” and find yourself getting what you deserve out of life.

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