Most Of Us Have Already Done This Familiar Dating Trend

Let’s say in your dating life, you meet someone interesting. For the first few months, everything was perfect – you go out, have fun, take your time in getting to know each other. However, after those few months, you notice that your date is sort of pulling away. It seems like he or she isn’t interested anymore. This is a familiar dating trend, right?

Most Of Us Have Already Done This Familiar Dating Trend | Asian Date

We All Need To Stop Doing This Familiar Dating Trend Known As “Lockering”

The above situation may sound familiar to you because you have already done it. Or, it was already done to you. Whatever the case, we all reach a point in every dating situation where we lose interest in the person we’re seeing. Instead of focusing on our relationship, we focus on other things that are of our interest.

In the modern dating scene, this is called “lockering”. Think about how you would leave your stuff inside the locker when you were in school. You leave most of your belongings inside your locker, and you don’t get them out unless you need them.

For “lockering” to happen, the person has to blame other things, like studying or working, as the main reasons why he or she isn’t seeing their potential partner anymore.

The Healthy Way To Deal With Losing Interest

Believe it or not, the feeling of suddenly losing interest in your date or in your relationship is natural. We all have to end our honeymoon phase. But, the problem comes when we don’t know how to deal with this loss of interest. Instead of taking charge and then dealing with the problem head-on, we avoid it.

When we do, the person who we are dating is going to get hurt. Commonly, in “lockering” the person who was pushed to the side will just end give up and end the relationship because you’re not paying attention anymore.

To deal with this better, you have to consolidate the way you feel. Try your best to get those feelings back on track. If you’ve done all you can with no results, then you have to do the obvious and talk to your date. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.