Don’t Panic And Follow These Tips For Talking To Women

Talking doesn’t seem all that hard because we do it every day. We talk to our family, friends and work colleagues. But, how about this, let’s add another element to talking that a lot of men find tough to do: talking to women. Now, do you still think talking is an easy task?

Talking To Women Asian Date
Talking to women becomes easier with these tips.

Talking To Women With Ease

Talking to women is difficult for most men. You have to admit, it is nerve-wracking when you don’t know what to say, or you nailed the introduction, but you then have no idea how to carry on with the conversation.  So, how can men solve this? Is there a magical potion you can drink to improve your confidence and conversational skills?

Unfortunately, there is no such magical potion, but you can always try the following tips out for talking to women:

Skip The Small Talk Intro

Ok, so the very first tip sounds ironic because conversations usually start with small talk, but hear us out. Instead of talking about the boring stuff first, why don’t you jump into a topic that can better promote conversation and attraction?

For example, let’s say you meet one lady at a bar you frequent. What do you say first? The sky’s the limit. If you want to talk about the crazy thing your dog did yesterday, you can. You have to introduce yourself first, of course, then skip the intros and get right to talking.

Where Does Nervousness Stem From?

The next tip is for you to think about where men’s nervousness come from. Think about it, what do confident men have that you don’t? The answer is: confident men know what to do.

You’re only nervous because you don’t know how to handle the situation and your don’t know what to say. Think about the answers to the following questions:

  • Why are you talking to this girl?
  • What is your end plan?
  • What is your escape plan? It sounds funny, but if you end up not wanting to go through with the conversation, how will you escape it?

The more you answer the questions, the more prepared you will be. We obviously want you to practice the tips we have here. Do it and see how significantly different your manner of talking to women is. We have more tips for you on the blog so make sure to check those out, and don’t forget to visit AsianDate.