Don’t Vent To Your Partner Until You Do This

When you are in a relationship, you are at liberty to vent to your partner anytime. It’s one of the many perks of having a significant other. But, while we have the freedom to do this, we must remember that expressing how we feel, most of the time, can be bordering to “dumping”, which is unhealthy, not only to us but, to our partner.

Don't vent to your partner Until You Do This | AsianDate

Necessary Precondition Before You Vent To Your Partner

So, what is “dumping”? When you strongly express how you feel about a situation or a person, we call it venting. It becomes dumping when we strongly express our anger and frustration in a way that is not open to moving forward. The line that differentiates these two expressions is very thin, but the main factors that separate one from the other are as follows:

  • Dumping focuses on others’ faults (without focusing on your own).
  • Dumping highlights that you have been the victim.
  • Dumping uses name calling.
  • There is never an end.
  • Dumping blames others.

When you vent to your partner, or, rather, dump on your partner, it’s as if the whole world is picking on you who is defenseless. It’s as if everybody around you is to blame, but never yourself. This is just downright toxic to your relationship, and it invites negative vibes.

So, before you vent to your partner, make sure that you are actually venting and not dumping.

Vent To Your Partner The Right Way

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t express how you feel. We’re saying that you need to express it in a way that fosters a solution. Express yourself in a way that examines your fault in the situation, not merely the fault of others. If you do this, your partner will be more interested to listen to you, and maybe, work on the solution with you.

Now you know the difference between venting and dumping, and what you must do before you vent to your partner. We hope that this post has helped you. If it did, please share it via email or social media. There are more posts on our blog so make sure you visit the main page here.