Easiest Rules For When You Have An Insecure Partner

The word insecure is synonymous to uncertain, self-conscious and doubtful. When a person is insecure, the same adjectives can be used to describe his or her behaviour – not confident, always in doubt and may not be comfortable in his or her own skin. If we don’t deal with our insecurities early on, it’s likely that we can become an insecure partner in the future.

Easiest Rules To Remember When You Have An Insecure Partner | Asian Date
What if your partner’s insecure? How will yo handle her?

This can be the very reason why we are not successful in our relationships. But, what if it’s the other way around and you, instead, end up with a partner that hasn’t dealt with his or her insecurity yet?

Dealing With An Insecure Partner

As mentioned, a person’s insecurity can get in the way of relationships. That’s why it’s important for the other person in the relationship to know how to handle the insecure behaviour of his or her significant other. Here’s a list of easy ways to deal with an insecure partner:

1. Recognise where your partner’s insecurity comes from.

Your first tip (and task) is to identify when your partner is insecure. Just like most people, a majority of our insecure feelings or behaviours come out when something triggers it. The usual causes are low self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. This might have been caused by your partner’s upbringing, or it can be because of too many relationship failures.

2. Identify the different insecure behaviours.

Different people express their emotions in different ways. When a person is insecure, he or she usually acts out in the following manner:

  • Your SO (significant other) is clingy. He or she goes or wants to go wherever you go.
  • Your SO demands that you reciprocate his or her affections.
  • Your SO contacts you frequently in a day.

3. Do NOT tolerate your SO’s actions.

Because you already have an idea of how your partner acts out and how his or her insecurity is triggered, you can then take action accordingly. But, you have to remember that among all the actions you can take, you should never tolerate your partner’s behaviour. You may think that giving in would be the best step to do to avoid conflict, but it’s not. Do not react to your partner’s insecure behaviour, but you still need to communicate openly so your partner can have the support he or she longs for.

The more you correct your partner’s actions, and the more you talk about addressing your partner’s insecurity, the closer you will get, and the better your relationship will become.

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