Easy Fixes For Common Mistakes You Make In A New Relationship

It’s always a great feeling to be in a new relationship. You experience new things with a person you’re in love with, you go on new adventures together, and you become excited about what the future may hold for the both of you together. But, you shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet, because you might just make new relationship mistakes you’re not aware of.

Common Mistakes We Make In A New Relationship & How To Fix Them

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We usually are unaware that we make mistakes when we are in a new relationship. Commonly, these errors stem from our assumption that our new partner knows exactly what to do in a relationship with you, will understand, and will stay for a long time. While all these three might be true at the start of the relationship, your partner’s mind may change if you keep making the following common mistakes in a new relationship:

Oversharing Details

The relationship you’re in is new, so you’re bound to get to know each other more intimately as time goes by. Don’t rush to get to that point. If you overshare details, like your deepest darkest secrets, too early, your partner might feel turned off. Take it a day at a time and watch what you share to your new beau.

Defensive Mode

Opening up to someone new can be a challenge because their opinions might not match ours and they might think of us differently because of conflicting opinions about a specific topic or situation. The result is, we go into defensive mode. This can be counter-productive. Instead of doing this, own up to your actions or opinions. If the person you’re with truly cares for you, they’ll respect your actions and opinion.


We are all eager to have this new person in our lives all to ourselves. This is not a bad thing, but if we smother our new partner with our presence, he or she might feel boxed in. It’s a must for all of us to remember that a relationship is made up of two individuals, the keyword is individuals. Yes, you’re a couple, but you also must let your partner be their own person.

Social Media Overload

Most of us post as much on social media as the number of times we breathe in a day. When you’re a new couple, it can seem that your relationship is a milestone that you need to share with the world. But, you shouldn’t unless you’re a few months into the relationship. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to last long, but posting too much on social media could add pressure to new relationships.

Cherish your new status, but always watch out for things that you might be doing wrong in the relationship. It’s new, so you have to do your best to lay down your groundwork, so to speak.

A good base or a good start will help your relationship last longer. If you need more dating and relationship tips, check out more posts on our blog. Don’t forget to visit AsianDate to meet lovely Asian women online.