This Is How You Can Eliminate Blaming In Your Relationship

It’s never your fault. It’s always your schedule, your partner’s attitude, how you’re feeling, how you were raised, and so on, that’s the culprit. Does this seem familiar? It’s common for most of us to throw blame in the relationship even though we know that it’s not going to be healthy in the long run. Is there any way to eliminate blaming in your relationship?

This Is How You Can Eliminate Blaming In Your Relationship | Asian Date

Effective Ways To Eliminate Blaming For Good

Isn’t it ironic? We all know that pointing fingers isn’t going to solve anything. Maybe it will work for a few times, but the blame game is a hard game to beat and get out of. Don’t worry. The tips listed below might make the process of eliminating blame in your relationship easier:

1. Cheer yourself up.

Whenever you’re in an argument or an argument happens in your relationship, it’s easy to blurt things out because of your emotions. When your partner is accusing you of something, it’s easy to go into defensive mode. This is what you need to avoid. Go for a walk, watch a movie, read a book, eat at your favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, make sure that it’ll cheer you up and disperse your anger.

2. Re-think your tactic.

Your main goal whenever you have a fight is to get your message across. Your voice gets louder because you want to be heard. You point fingers because you’re defending yourself. However, will these actions make your partner listen? Most likely not.

3. Be more self-compassionate.

The lack of self-compassion is common for most people. We are so afraid to fail that we point our fingers at different things and different people. But, if we practice self-compassion, we are allowing ourselves to accept that it’s possible for us to make mistakes. Self-compassion allows us to see our flaws and helps us accepts them.

Know that it won’t be easy to eliminate blaming in your relationship. But, as you take those small steps, you have to realize that you’re making progress. Keep going so you can make your relationship better. For more tips on dating and self-improvement, read our blog.