The Emoji Game And How To Play It With Asian Beauties

Asian Beauties and Emojis
Source: Asiandate

If you don’t know what emojis are, you have got to be living under a rock, but we are here to save you for when you are talking to Asian Beauties. Simply put, emojis are those smilies and small pictures that you type in with text to express how you feel. Emojis are everywhere – social media, your phone and even on Asian Beauties dating sites.

Emojis and Dating Asian Beauties Online

The first thing that you should know is that Emojis are big in most parts of Asia. Aside from the pre-set Emojis online or on a smartphone, Asians have other Emojis using symbols from the keyboard. Before you jump in and type messages to Asian Beauties that are full of smiley emojis with the heart eyes, you should know what uncommon ones mean, so you avoid awkward moments:

Crystal Ball Emojis

Crystal balls tell the future. That’s their only use. So, if you send crystal balls to Asian Beauties they could be reading it this way:
•    You’re thinking about a future with them
•    You’re thinking about your future – marriage, family, etc
You only need to send a crystal ball emoji when you’re talking about a future with one of the Asian Beauties you’re chatting with online.

Slot Machines

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of slot machines? The answer to this is probably Las Vegas or gambling. Do you get the picture? Sending out a slot machine emoji is like saying that you are gambling with the relationship, or, worse, she’s gambling with the relationship.

Kawaii Emojis

What is “kawaii”? It means cute. These are the kinds of emojis that you need to be using when chatting with Asian beauties. Kawaii is something that a lot of Asians are familiar with. In fact, it is part of the Asian culture – acting cute, coy and child-like. So, going with emojis that are cute is safe.

Experiment with Emojis

If this list is too short for you, all you have to remember is the last one which is all about kawaii emojis. Don’t forget to add to use the usual ones like hearts and flowers, because they do represent dating, love, and relationships globally. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun because that’s what emojis are – for fun. For more advice on Asian Beauties and Asian dating, check out our blog daily.