Empathy Is The Relationship Glue That Holds Everything Together

Sometimes, as we are dating or are in a relationship, life catches up to us. The once lovey-dovey feelings that we share with our partner may wane. We may think that we are falling out of love. What can we use as a relationship glue that will permanently seal the union?

Empathy Is The Relationship Glue That Holds Everything Together | Asian Date

The Sticky Relationship Glue That Acts Like A Bond

When troubles in a relationship come, only the lazy will give up so easily. As long as problems do not involve substance abuse, domestic violence, or criminal activities, every relationship deserves another chance. So what is this relationship glue, and does everyone know about it?

It’s Called Empathy

We may love, but empathy does not immediately follow. So, you and your partner really need to learn to know and understand each other. When we show empathy to our partners in an intimate relationship, we are short of saying three powerful words: “I Understand You.” Remember, too, that empathy will be revealed in your words and actions.

Empathy Not Sympathy

Do not mistake empathy with sympathy. Sympathy can drain you emotionally because you feel that you need to do something about your partner or your situation. Then you feel helpless if you can’t.

Meanwhile, empathy enables you to connect with your partner in a powerful way. You share the burdens and joys, and this makes you connected. You are not pushed to feel guilty when problems arise. Both of you feel empowered. Plus, you do not easily get upset at your partner. You know and trust your partner. You understand him or her well, quirks included.

Never Too Much

Unlike other factors in our relationships, there can never be too much empathy. You have the most understanding spouse or partner when empathy is always present. That is a great blessing! It will enable you to shine instead of wallow in self-deprecating behavior, even when difficult situations arise.

Empathy is truly a heaven-sent relationship glue. It is beautiful because it does not require a lot but the results are amazing when it comes to keeping you together. Our partners will feel especially thankful and motivated to invest more in the relationship when they perceive that they are understood. For more tips in strengthening relationships, as well as tips for online dating, check out other posts on the blog.