Every Compliment Your Girl Wants To Hear

When it comes to paying compliments, most guys go for the obvious: “You look amazing in this dress”, “You’ve got beautiful eyes” or the even more generic “You look great”. While there is certainly no harm in praising a woman on what Mother Nature has gifted her with, it is also vital that you remember that your girl wants to hear you acknowledge other aspects of who she is too.

All the things your girl wants to hear when you compliment her.
Find out the things your girl wants to hear and bring a smile on her face.

These Are The Things Your Girl Wants To Hear You Say

She’s probably heard loads about her beautiful smile or fine body, but how many people have noticed her kind heart or sick sense of humor? A compliment on her looks is by no means a bad thing, but comment on her personality or choices and you will have her melt for you. Let’s be more specific.

If she makes you laugh, tell her so. Be careful not to make her feel like you are saying it in a “we-are-buddies” kind of way, though. Move more along the lines of “Omg, you are both gorgeous and fun to be around – I’m having such a great time with you”.

If you’ve known her long enough, tell her how strong an effect she’s had on you. For instance, you can go for something like “I can’t believe how much being with you has helped me overcome this X issue” or “It’s amazing how you make me want to get better every day”.

If you’ve met her only recently, show her how fascinating you find her. You can comment on her hobbies or job or just a subject she knows a lot about. “Wow, unbelievable how much you know about X” or “This is fascinating – tell me more about what you do”.

If you like the way she dresses, why not let her know? God knows women put in a lot of effort on choosing clothes and make-up.  “You have a wicked style; few women know how to get dressed to suit them so well”, “You look great in everything you wear. Wish I were as stylish as you” should work miracles putting you in her good books.

Paying compliments is something that should come from the heart, so a genuine compliment is always far better than one that is formulaic or fake. Choose to comment on the things that really draw you to her. Your words will definitely be what your girl wants to hear, and they will surely bring a smile on her face and you two closer.

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