Everything You Need To Know About Dating In Korea

So you met the girl of your dreams. She’s everything you ever wanted, and you really want to make a great impression on her. But she is Korean, and you don’t quite know what is right and what is frowned upon when dating in Korea. Have no fear, for here’s a to do (and not to do) list to help you.

A useful list of tips for when dating in Korea.
Dating in Korea can be a challenge, but these tips will help make it easier.

Things To Do When Dating In Korea

Keep in touch. Koreans like to be in touch all day every day. It is in the Korean culture for couples to text, talk, e-mail and generally never miss a chance to communicate every little detail of their day with each other. Missing a call is unacceptable, as is not replying to a message swiftly. So keep that phone charged at all times.

Celebrate around a hundred special days a year. If you are finding birthdays and Valentine’s Day fun, you will be really happy in Korea. Note these dates down: January 14th (Diary Day- when couples celebrate the New Year by exchanging – you guessed it – diaries), February 14th (Valentine’s Day), March 14th (White Day when guys get presents for girls), April 14th (Black Day – this one is for the singles really), May 14th (Rose Day), June 14th (Kiss Day), July 14th (Silver Day), August 14th (Green Day – no, not the band), September 14th (Photo Day – when you should just take a photo with her), October 14th (Wine Day), November 11th (Pepero Day), November 14th  (Movie Day – a film buff’s happiest of all love holidays) and December 14th (Hug Day).

Wear matching outfits as you do activities designed for couples. Matching T-shirts/rings/pillow cases, the Korean industry has made sure you can buy almost anything in a package for 2. This might reveal how seriously relationships are taken in the Korean culture, of just how clever their industry is. Either way, be prepared to wear matching his and hers T-shirts as you order from a couples menu (this is also a thing).

Things Not To Do When Dating In Korea

Overindulge in PDA. While some public display of affection is OK, there is an unwritten law in Korea about how far you can go showing intimacy in public. Holding hands, hugging and giving the odd peck on the lips are acceptable, but more than that can cause offense in a country that is still quite conservative.

Expect her to pay. Even though things are slowly changing in Korea, the guy is still expected to pick up the tab on a date. You may meet a girl who is more modern and will be willing to share the cost of a date with you, but if your girl doesn’t offer to go Dutch, don’t be surprised, it is still customary for the man to pay.

Dating a person of a different culture for can be quite a challenge, but it is also very interesting and rewarding. Dating in Korea may be a little different, but it’s an absolutely fun and unforgettable experience.

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