Your Ex Could Be Doing This New Dating Trend Without You Noticing

Everyone may have already heard of ghosting and other popular negative dating trends that hit 2017. Most of us were hopeful that 2018 wouldn’t be as bad when it comes to these kinds of dating trends. Alas, we cannot stop the scene from taking on its own shape. Recently, a new dating trend has been coined, and your ex may have already done it to you.

Your Ex Could Be Doing This New Dating Trend Without You Noticing | Asian Date

Haunting – The New Dating Trend That’s Somewhat Creepy

First of all, just like ghosting, haunting, in this sense, doesn’t refer to anything paranormal. However, it has a lot to do with being ghosted and then stalked on social media.

Here’s the scenario: you met someone you thought you hit it off with online. You communicate for a couple of days until this person ghosts you. You don’t hear from this person for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, you see this person commenting on your stories on social media. What gives?

So, this is what the new dating trend – haunting – is about. You probably understand why the trend is called “haunting” – like a ghost manifesting itself.

For some people, haunting isn’t actually all that bad. Some find it to be flattering since their ex is still checking and keeping tabs on them even after a long time. However, there’s a fine line between keeping tabs and just plain stalking.

What To Do When You Are Being Haunted

If you don’t feel uncomfortable with your ex lurking around your social media profiles, then you can just let it be. However, if haunting makes you feel unsafe or unsecured, it’s best that you block the person from your accounts. Of course, you’re not going to know if they’re actually lurking unless there’s activity like hearting or liking some of your photos. If you don’t like the idea of not knowing if you’re being haunted or not, it’s best to simply block your exs totally even if you’re not sure if they are keeping tabs on you.

With the new dating trend, it’s evident that we need to keep ourselves alert with more to come. For other updates on the online and offline dating scene, check out the rest of our blog.