Ex-Girlfriend Stories You Should Keep To Yourself When Asian Dating

When Asian dating is in question, we should be more conscious of the topics that we talk about. There are the usual subjects you should stay away from in the beginning like politics, intimacy in the bedroom and your ex-girlfriend. While you may unconsciously speak of the first two NO-NO topics, you have to, at any cost, avoid telling stories about your ex-girlfriend while you’re Asian dating.

Ex-Girlfriend Stories You Should Keep To Yourself When Asian Dating

Asian Dating List Of Ex-Topics You Shouldn’t Bring Up

First of all, you already know that Asian women get jealous easily, right? Try mentioning your ex-girlfriends to the Asian ladies you’re dating now to see if this is true.

Let’s move on to the topics. The list below contains topics or stories about your ex you should keep to yourself when you are Asian dating:

1. Intimate Adventures

Should we even explain this further? No woman wants to hear about your past sexual encounters with your ex-girlfriends. Bringing it up for the purpose of making your new lady jealous will just backfire. Also, you don’t want your new lady to think that if you break up, you’re going to talk about your adventures in the bedroom with other people.

2. Closeness With Your Family

Does your family still communicate with your ex? Well, it’s not your fault that your sisters or your mom are close with your ex, but maybe it’s a good idea if you just keep this detail to yourself.

You should never talk about this especially if your new girl hasn’t met your family yet. When the time comes for you to introduce her to your family, she might feel insecure if you tell her because they already have a connection with your former fling.

3. The Good Times

Let’s paint a scenario. You’re talking to your Asian lady about places you’ve visited in Asia. You suddenly mention that you had such a good time in Bali a few years back when you went there for vacation with your, now, ex-girlfriend.

When you are Asian dating, ladies can let this slide once, but if you keep mentioning all the good times you’ve had with your former partner, it sends the wrong message. You don’t want your current girlfriend to think that you’re still in love with your ex, right?

Here’s the thing. The mature thing for you current lady to do is to accept your past. But, if you’re still communicating with your ex or constantly talking about her, you’re giving your girlfriend plenty of reasons why she should be suspicious of you and your ex.

Do you get the drift? Focus on what you have now. Besides, there are other topics to talk about so keep the ex-stories to yourself.

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