Expectations You Should Have Of A Modern Marriage

Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned marriage ideals that were cherished for years? To tell you the truth, they’re still with us, but we’ve added passion, intimacy, and self-expression to the mix. We view a modern marriage as an institution that can cater to both old ideals and the new ones, but is this really realistic?

Expectations You Should Have For A Modern Marriage | Asian Date

A Modern Marriage Needs To Have Realistic Ideals

The answer is no. Most experts say that this is the problem with any modern marriage. The couple expects to have both old and new ideals without realizing that they may not co-exist.

The truth is, when we go into any romantic relationship, we have to view our partner as a whole. We can’t just pick out the parts we like. There are parts that we are crazy about, but there are also parts that make us question our choice. With this, we face a dilemma. We face disillusionment.

Where Did This Come From?

You’d be surprised. Based on experts, we have this idea of the kind of partner or love we are supposed to end up with. This is why we build our ideal partner in our imaginations. We grasp too hard on that illusion that we forget to ground ourselves and see the real person right in front of us.

What Do We Do Now?

So how do we figure all of this out? Is it fair to end a relationship because of disillusionment? Of course, not. If we really want to have a serious relationship, we have to accept that disillusionment is going to be part of the process. Instead of shunning it away, why not embrace it?

As mentioned, we need to see our partner as a whole – bad parts and good. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we give our relationship a deeper kind of connection and partnership. It sounds simple but it’s going to take a lot of work to do. Accept the bad parts, but don’t forget to give your partner the chance to change those bad parts into good ones. For more posts about strengthening relationships, read more of our blog.