There’s An Explanation To Why We Keep Dating The Same People

We sometimes wonder why we keep dating the same people. They can be abusive or lack emotional attachment but we still see these kinds of people in different forms. Why do we this to ourselves? Have you ever wondered?

 Dating The Same People: There's An Explanation Why | Asian Date

Dating The Same People Is A Pattern We Have Trouble Breaking

You are getting tired of the same kinds of unproductive relationships. But, it seems you are drawn to dating the same people. Is there a reason why this is happening? And, more importantly, how can you break the chain? Check yourself against these principles below:

1. We Want To Be Right

It is usually something in our subconscious or our belief systems. We want something good to happen in our relationship. We want it to be a loving, nurturing, and productive coupling. However, in the back of your mind, you think that all people are cheaters and jerks. So your mind wants to believe that you are actually right. Then, you play it our in real life; getting attracted to individuals who can prove what your mind believes in.

2. Our Childhood Exposure

A big chunk of our attraction stems from our childhood exposure. For most women, their greatest influence is their father. The dad can be a loving one, a stable husband, a cheater, a drunkard, or an abuser. When a girl has grown up in a secure and loving environment, she would also seek it in her own relationship. Meanwhile, a product of a broken home is usually drawn to a womanizer.

3. Lack Of Awareness

A lot of times, we fall into the same trap because while we want something better, we lack self-awareness. We are not conscious in our choices and we just jump into a relationship based on attraction.

How To Break The Pattern

Ask yourself why you keep falling into the same trap and seek for change. You can actually do it. You can keep yourself from dating the same people and wait for a better, long-lasting, and satisfying relationship. Give yourself time to sort things out. For more offline and online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.