Facts About Attraction You Need To Understand

When it comes to attraction, we don’t really dissect the idea; we just feel it. For example, while we are dating online on this site, we don’t really think about why we’re feeling this way. However, if we take a look at and study different facts about attraction, it could change the way we meet people.

Facts About Attraction You Need To Understand | Asian Date

Facts About Attraction That Can Change The Way We Date

Attraction is defined as the action of evoking interest, pleasure or liking for someone. Yes, it’s a feeling that we get when we admire a person for his or her traits or assets. Because our emotions are involved, experts say that it is not an exact science. However, these experts do agree on the following facts:

1. It’s Based On Instinct

Scientists have already proven that we are attracted to the opposite gender because of certain physical attributes. For example, the most attractive body shape of a woman is curvy (tiny waist, shapely hips) because it indicates that the woman is fertile. For women, on the other hand, a prominent jaw line is eye-catching because it signifies masculinity in a man.

2. It Doesn’t Always Lead To A Good Relationship

No matter how attracted you are to one person, it won’t always result in a relationship that’s lasting or even stable. Attraction is just part of the equation. There are so many more factors that you have to think about if you really want a relationship that stands the test of time.

3. Platonic Attraction Is Important Too

Non-romantic attraction is just as important as the romantic one when talking about relationships. A couple needs to “like” each other in order for the relationship to work. Focusing on platonic attraction allows two people to connect to each other at a deeper level.

Perspective Changing Facts About Attraction

Remember that these are already established facts, so there’s scientific evidence behind each one. Hopefully, these facts about attraction will help you adjust your perspective and help you understand your choices for dates. For more tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.