Are You Falling Out Of Love?

Everyone fears falling out of love with their significant other. Despite the fear, it’s a common occurrence, especially in the relationships of today. With all the distractions we face, we can easily get side-tracked. How would you know if you’re already falling out of love with your partner?

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Signs You’re Already Falling Out Of Love

When the spark isn’t present anymore, it becomes obvious. There are specific signs that you can watch out for. These signs signal different phases of falling out of love:

Phase #1: Getting On Your Nerves

Typically, when you have been with your partner for a while, he or she will get on your nerves sometimes. However, this sign becomes a red flag when the annoyance is becoming a constant occurrence.

Phase #2: Boredom

Aside from getting annoyed, you are also bored. Review your situation and see if you still feel any excitement. If you don’t feel a thing, then you are in Phase 2. You get bored in your conversations. You even get bored even if your partner is present.

Phase #3: Faking It Then Stopping

Of course, you don’t want your boredom to show so you fake it until you can’t fake it anymore. When you have reached your limit, you begin showing that you are not amused anymore.

Phase #4: Becoming Critical

When you have stopped pretending, you become critical. You have reached the point where you feel like it’s senseless or futile to be nice.

Phase #5: Giving Up

The last phase is giving up. You have reached the phase where you don’t care anymore. Whether the relationship ends or just deteriorates over time, you don’t care. Whatever happens, happens.

If you feel like some of the descriptions match your relationship, you have to know that you can still do something to fall in love again. Talk to your partner or seek professional help, if you must. The important thing is to take action and not allow your relationship to wither away. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.