Fascinating Facts About the Asian Dating Culture

Every culture has something unique to offer to the world. In today’s article, we take a closer look at what is fascinating about the Asian dating culture. More specifically, what are some of the most interesting Asian dating rituals and traditions? Let’s see how the western practices differ from the eastern practices.

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Asian Dating Culture Will Become Much Clearer After This

1. The Hundred Day Celebration

In the West, we often celebrate various anniversaries. People take their partner out. Typically to the restaurant where they met, have a good dinner and enjoy time together. In the Asian dating culture, especially in Korea, couples celebrate their relationship every one hundred days. Folks celebrate the first one hundred days in various ways and people exercise their creativity to its full extent. Couples contemplate marriage and moving in together and celebrate it by getting promise rings.

2. Confessing Love

The second example is more prevalent in Japan than in other places. In the Western countries, people don’t say they love the other person if they are at the early stages of their relationship. That usually sends people running in the opposite direction. It is different in Japan, where you first confess love and then ask the person out. When one person confesses love, and the other accepts, they are in the official “girlfriend/boyfriend” status. Dating in Asia is always exclusive and gets serious much quicker.

3. Public Displays of Affection

In Western countries, public displays of affection are commonplace. Nobody is surprised when they see a couple publicly showing their love for one another. In Asia, however, people are much more reserved. Most Asian countries are very conservative in the way they see relationships and such demonstrations are disrespectful of others. It is all about respect in Asia and sticking to merely holding hands in public is a way you can respect the local culture.

4. Valentine’s and White Days

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe. People send flowers, cards, sweets, and more to the person they love. A lot of them propose on this very day because legend says it is a lucky day. In Asia, this day is celebrated as well and in an interesting fashion. It is the women that send presents to the men they like. Men, in return, celebrate White Day where they return the favor. When dating an Asian woman, this is a ritual you want to keep in mind.

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