First Ghosting, Then Breadcrumbing, Now Cushioning?

We just got used to the idea of ghosting and breadcrumbing dying down. Now, a new dating trend is sweeping the online world, and everyone is calling it “cushioning”. The expression has a similar definition to the verb cushion, meaning to soften the impact of something.

First Ghosting, Then Breadcrumbing, Now Cushioning? | Asian Date
A new dating trend is sweeping the online world, and everyone is calling it “cushioning”.

What You Need To Know About Cushioning

The best way to define the dating term cushioning would be to describe a specific scenario. Let’s say that you’ve been dating someone online for a few months. You don’t feel like it’s something serious, so you don’t really tell all your friends or your family about the person you’re seeing. You also feel that your current online relationship might be cut short anytime soon, so to soften the blow, you do cushioning. You flirt and chat with other people on the side, so when the primary person you’re dating calls it quits, you won’t be left alone.

Is Cushioning A Bad Thing To Do?

We already know that ghosting has a negative connotation to it, and so does breadcrumbing. What about cushioning? The answer can be seen in the dating term’s definition.

It’s natural for us to avoid getting hurt or being left alone, but we must not give into cushioning our love life. The tendency will be to hold back from getting to know a person and really connecting with him or her. Because you already think that the potential relationship will not work out, you invest small amounts of your time in other people when you should be investing all of it in just one person.

So, if you’re asking if this dating technique is bad or goes beyond the etiquette of dating and relationships, you got your answer. Avoid cushioning your date so that you can connect with him or her at a deeper level. If you were the one who was cushioned, how would you feel? Sure, you’d have to risk getting hurt when you get to know someone, but sometimes, your risks can be worth it.

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