Instead Of Negging, This Is How You Should Be Flirting With Women

A few years before, most experts suggested that negging is the way to go to catch a woman‘s attention. In case you’re not familiar with this term, negging is a technique where the man deliberately gives out backhanded compliments. When flirting with women, negging undermines the female’s confidence so she works hard to earn the approval of the one doing the negging.

Instead Of Negging, This Is How You Should Be Flirting With Women | Asian Date

Outdated Techniques Don’t Work When Flirting With Women

If you think that negging sounds awful, well it is. It’s not applicable today because women have become more self-aware. These days, there are several ladies who get into their own quicker. This means that they are more grounded in the person they’re becoming. These ladies won’t appreciate negging. Instead of doing this outdated technique, try the following teasing.

What’s The Difference Between Negging And Teasing?

Ok, so you might be thinking that the two are similar. Actually, they are way different. Remember that the goal of negging is to make one feel bad about something. Teasing doesn’t have this kind of effect. It’s more playful and it doesn’t aim to slightly insult a person.

How To Tease Properly

When flirting with women, you have to tease the right way. Or else, it is going to go bad for you. Let’s paint a scenario so you can better understand how you can do this. Let’s say that your date always wears a jacket everytime you meet. When you’re negging, you would say, “Well, that’s an ugly jacket.” Ouch, right? Teasing, on the other hand, sounds more like this: “Are you always chilly when you’re with me? Am I not hot enough for you?”

Here’s another example. Let’s say you’re chatting with your date about your day:

You: “What are you up to?”

Your Date: “Nothing much. I’m watching horror flicks.”

Negging: “Horror movies are overrated, don’t you think?”

Teasing: “I love horror movies. So, you have a dark side to you, huh?”

If you practice the art of teasing when flirting with women, you’ll get so many women’s numbers. It’s all about being playful. Also, don’t forget that you should leave room for them to tease you as well. For other dating tips, read more on the blog.