Follow These Simple Rules For Better Dating

Irrespective of your tastes, the place you have chosen to go on a date, how many dates you’ve already been on, the season, your age or your interests, these are some general and simple rules every dater should follow for a better dating life.

Want better dating? This is what to do.
These simple-yet-effective rules will improve your dating experience.

If You Want A Better Dating Experience, Here’s What To Do

Dating Rule #1: Make having fun a top priority. Life’s too short to take everything seriously. Even if you feel you need to be in a serious relationship, or that she is someone you are seriously interested in, dating should first and foremost be about enjoying yourself. You will soon find that everything will be a lot easier and fall into place naturally is it’s done without pressure and stress.

Dating Rule #2: Keep your negativity at bay. Yes, you may have had a disastrous day at work, you may have been kept awake all night by the neighbor’s dog’s annoying barking or you may even have had a nasty argument with a bad driver on your way to the restaurant, but there is simply no reason to spread the negative feelings and turn your date into a whining marathon (a ‘whinathon’?). Remember rule number one and keep things fun – you’ll soon feel better.

Dating Rule #3: Pursue her, don’t be lazy. If you like her, go for her. Write that follow-up text or call her the day after the date, arrange another one if you had a good time. There’s no room for self-doubt or hesitation. Why waste time playing silly games when you know what you want, anyway? Worst case scenario: she’s not interested and you get to move on to the next date. No harm done.

Dating Rule #4: Don’t be needy. Being keen is one thing, but being needy is another. While there is nothing wrong with going after her if you like her (see previous rule), acting like you are desperate is not advisable. We, by and large, tend to fall in love for people we see as strong, dependent personalities who inspire security and admiration. Acting like you must conquer her will actually have the exact opposite effect. Be cool, decisive and confident on your dates and the way you claim her interest and attention.

No one can claim to have the perfect recipe for a date, but these straightforward rules will offer you a better dating experience, without a doubt. Give them a try.