Surprising Forces That Drive Woman’s Physical Desire

Have you ever thought about what drives a woman’s physical desire? Of course, the most obvious response comes to mind. A man having ripped abs, a chiseled face, and is well-dressed can be good examples of igniters. However, these physical features aren’t the only forces that trigger a woman’s physical desire.

Physical Desire: Surprising Fact About A Woman's Desire | Asian Date

A Woman’s Physical Desire Isn’t Just Ignited By A Man’s Outward Appearance

It’s all about science and psychology. There are no tips or dating tricks here. So, the factors that spark a woman’s interest below have some solid backing behind them:

1. Hormonal Influences

When women are in their most fertile during their cycle, they are more attracted to men who have masculine facial features. This is the body telling the mind that the man with such features has the best genes. Ironically, when a woman is non-fertile, she tends to prefer softer more feminine features in men.

2. Family Resemblance

There are several types of research that have found heterosexual women to be attracted to those who resemble family members. For example, if you resemble your a woman’s father or brother, she’s more likely to be attracted to you. This sounds weird, but the explanation is the genes. Having similar features could mean that the genes are similar (not the same but similar). This translates to optimal reproductive success.

3. Genetics

We don’t really look at genes as factors for physical desire, but they do play a role. From an evolutionary standpoint, it is useful to mate with a person who has immune genes that’s different from our own in order to enhance the immunity of the future child or children.

How Do You Make Use Of This Information?

Most of the factors on the list are uncontrollable. You cannot manipulate those factors to be present in your current dating situation. However, it teaches you one very important thing. There are certain factors that you simply cannot control. Sometimes love is a matter of luck and predisposition.

Despite this, you should be discouraged. You can still play at your strengths and your game. Don’t forget to be confident as well because women love a man who is secure of himself. For more reviews, as well as dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.