If You Haven’t Met Your Partner’s Friends And Family, You’re Being Stashed

Don’t you think it’s a bit fishy when the person you’re dating hasn’t introduced you to his or her friends and family yet? This situation could be OK if you’ve just started dating. But, how about when you have been together for more than six months and you still haven’t met anyone? You’re probably being stashed by your partner.

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Being Stashed Is The Worst! Here’s What You Can Do About It

In case you are not familiar, “stashing” is a negative dating trend in the online dating world. You’ll know that you’re being stashed when it seems that your partner is keeping you in the dark. He or she doesn’t seem to want to show or introduce you to the world.

This is definitely not fair. You should know, though, that there’s nothing wrong with you. Being stashed cannot feel good, but it says so much about what your partner‘s intentions are.

Ways Your Partner Can Stash You

For you to be certain, see if you have encountered any of the situations on this list:

  • You don’t know your partner’s friends/family.
  • You have been introduced as a friend when you came across someone your partner knows.
  • There are no traces of you on your partner’s social media.

What To Do

When you are positive that your partner is stashing you, there needs to be a conversation about it. Using your calm voice, approach your partner and ask why he or she hasn’t introduced you to friends and family. You have to be honest about how you’re feeling. You also have to be ready with what your partner might say. Chances are, you’re not going to like it so be ready for your next move.

Being stashed is just unfair to someone who is genuinely looking for love. Value yourself and try to realize that there’s still something better for you. For more tips on dating and self-improvement, check out our blog.