How To Get Out of Your Asian Dating Rut

Have you been stuck in an Asian dating rut lately? Being in a dating rut means that you haven’t had any luck with dating Asian women – no messages, no calls, and no chat invitations. If you’re in a rut, it can be a major confidence-killer. Just remember that you can always get out of the rut you’re stuck in.

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How to Continue Asian Dating with a Renewed Confidence

Don’t put yourself down too much because it’s normal for online daters to get stuck from time to time. Get back on your feet, shake off the negative vibes and continue Asian dating with a renewed confidence through the following steps.

1. Do not wait for invitations to come.

Step 1 is to get out there and start sending those invitations whether it is for a phone call or for a chatting session, or whatever invitation you need to send out. Make the first move and assert yourself. It shows Asian women that you are confident and are not afraid of being rejected.

2. Look beyond your preferences.

Your next date could be that Asian woman you don’t find attractive. Because you are in a rut, you do not need to be picky. Open yourself up to Asian women online you never thought you would talk to. Refocus your attention on non-physical attributes like interests or dislikes.

3. Be direct.

When you’ve finally built your momentum in Asian dating, do not ruin it by beating around the bush. When you chat with ladies, be direct. If you want to meet in person, make sure that the Asian lady you’re chatting to knows it. If you want a short-term relationship, be honest from the get-go.

4. Maintain eye contact when video chatting.

To establish a stronger connection with the person you’re chatting with, maintain eye contact. Did you know that people are more engaged when you connect with them through your eyes? It’s a no-brainer. Looking away too often while in a chat conversation can show off your insecurities which no Asian lady finds attractive.

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