This Is How You Handle The Negative Trend Known As Curving

As we are dating, we have to watch out for so many things. There have been so many negative dating trends that surfaced that we really have to be careful. One particular trend that we need to be careful of is curving. It’s when your date or potential date replies after a while, but the chat or text message gives off the impression that he or she would rather be talking to someone else.

This Is How You Handle The Negative Trend Known As Curving | Asian Date

Curving Can Be Handled In A Healthy Way

Let’s face it, curving, or any other negative dating trend is good for one’s self-esteem. So, it’s important that we know how to handle the situation when it happens to us. With curving, you have to remember the following:

1. It’s less about you.

Often times, we think that there is something wrong with us because our potential date is replying late to our chats or text messages. Actually, this is inaccurate because it has less to do with us. If your potential date isn’t interested indeed, then he or she should never have messaged you in the first place.

2. Don’t let it define who you are.

We usually feel down because we think of ourselves as someone who is unlovable. Again, this is another inaccurate notion. If the person doesn’t like us as much, then just let it be. We probably just haven’t found the person who can be head over heels for us.

3. You may be overthinking it.

In some cases, the reason why our potential date isn’t replying enthusiastically is that he or she is busy. Don’t assume that you are being curved right away. Give it time and see how it goes.

4. Do not sacrifice your own happiness.

When you are absolutely sure that you have been curved, don’t stick around just because you fear to lose a date. Move forward because it is not worth sacrificing your own happiness over.

Curving can have such a huge blow on our ego. However, if we know how to handle it, then we can come out unscratched. Remember that you have to make yourself your number one priority. If your date is curving you, then it is his or her loss. For more dating articles, read other posts on the blog.