How To Be A Happier, More Interdependent Couple

To be a codependent couple is never healthy. In most cases, this kind of relationship is one-sided. One person may just be staying because of the fear of being alone. Instead of love and partnership filling the union, codependency stirs up emotional distress and abusiveness. It is more ideal to be an interdependent couple.

How To Be A Happier, More Interdependent Couple | Asian Date

An Interdependent Couple Can Last A Lifetime

Interdependence is different from co-dependence because both parties in the relationship recognize the value of sharing and maintaining an emotional connection while maintaining an individual sense of self. This simply means that the two people in the relationship care for both their partner as well as their personal growth.

Differentiating Interdependence And Co-dependence

There are specific traits that an interdependent couple has that are starkly distinct from those of a codependent couple. For example, codependency:

  • Has no boundaries.
  • Is focused more on pleasing people.
  • Communicates ineffectively.
  • Require manipulation of the other person.
  • Plays the blame game.

Perhaps, the main difference between these two types of connections is one’s sense of self. In codependency, a person has lost his or her sense of self and relies on other things or people to fill that void.

How To Foster Interdependence

Now that we know that codependency is not an ideal state to be in, how can one encourage interdependence in a relationship? Try these tips:

  1. Listen actively and communicate properly.
  2. Set healthy boundaries for the relationship.
  3. Engage and respond to each other.
  4. Be approachable when your partner is in need.
  5. Take time to personal interests or hobbies.

In becoming an interdependent couple, you simply have to be mindful of your partner and yourself. Since your attention needs to be focused on two things, it could take a lot of practice to foster interdependence. However, always remember that taking that first step is the hardest. If you truly want to be happy and want for your relationship to last, it’s best to move towards interdependence.

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