Haven’t Found Love With Asian Woman Yet? Here’s Why

For those who have been on the Asian online dating scene for years, have you ever wondered why you hadn’t found the right Asian woman yet?

With years of online dating experience, you would think that you have found Ms. Right already. But, that’s not the case.

Many ask themselves the same question. They follow it up with, “Is it me?”, “Is it a difference in culture?”, “Is it the language barrier?” The answers to which probably hold the key to why a lot of men haven’t found their perfect Asian match.

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Reasons Why You Don’t Have an Asian Woman By Your Side Yet

The most straightforward answer to why you’re still single is this: it could be you. Let’s expound on that with the following probable causes as to why most men have not found the Asian woman of their dreams yet.

Emotional Unpreparedness

Seasoned online daters know that this is true: you have to be emotionally ready to date Asian ladies online. There will be a lot of rejection that you have to face. If you’re not emotionally secure, it might take a while before you can get back on the horse.

Focusing on the Negative

Here’s where many gents make a mistake. Instead of focusing on what they want in an Asian woman, they focus on what they do not want. If you concentrate on the negative, that’s all you’re ever going to see – the negative. It is an obstacle when meeting Asians online because the slightest difference (such as not liking the same kind of shows you do), could be a total turn-off for you.

Forcing to Change Things That are Out Of Your Control

There is such a thing as not being able to change something. For example, with dating an Asian woman, you cannot change her relationship with her family. Almost all Asian families have a tightly knit bond. It is part of the Asian culture. Changing something like this can cause significant friction in a potentially budding relationship.

Lack of Goals

Just like in life, you have to have goals when you’re dating an Asian woman. If you’re serious, you should be thinking about the type of relationship you want in the future. Thinking about this can significantly help you in identifying the kind of Asian lady you want to meet.


Last but not the least is self-doubt. Being sure of yourself isn’t all about confidence, but it’s also about being secure. If you feel like a potential relationship is too good to be true and that you do not deserve it, it could be toxic.

There’s a lot to think about before dating Asian women online, or even just dating online for that matter. Make sure that you’re emotionally ready, secure, confident and willing to accept things that you cannot change. For more helpful dating tips, don’t forget to visit our blog.