Reason Why Asian Women Don’t Like Hopeless Romantics

Don’t get the title wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic. In fact, it’s a great characteristic to have as Asian women, as well as the most of the rest of the women, appreciate someone who can bring flowers during random days of the week. But, there is such as a thing as being too romantic.

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Asian Women Want a Balance of Romance and Practicality

What a lot of blogs do not tell you is that practicality is a big part of an Asian lady’s life. Practicality is applied to everyday life and decisions. Sometimes, there’s simply no room for being romantic! Here are a few reasons why Asian women do not want someone who is a hopeless romantic:

1. Career Focus

There are a lot of career-oriented Asian women out there. You’ll find that these women can sometimes have a tough exterior. They have to have one since most top jobs in Asia are awarded to men. But, the differences in gender are a whole different story. When you’re dealing with an Asian lady who is this serious, you have to drop your romantic act and be serious too, from time to time.

2. Things Get Busy

Asians are always busy because they always find ways to make use of their time. It’s called being productive. Simply, you can’t just go on romantic dates all the time because there may be so many things to do. It’s a dent in an Asian woman’s productivity when all her boyfriend wants is to spend time with her.

3. There’s isn’t much to Learn When You’re Always Smitten

You have to admit that arguments and trial that happen in a relationship are like salt to a bland meal. So imagine if you’re always lovey-dovey! There isn’t much to learn about each other and the relationship when the couple is always focused on keeping the butterflies in the stomach alive and fluttering.

Keep your romantic side in check because that may be the reason why you’re having trouble keeping a relationship with Asian women. Balance is the key to a healthy relationship. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts on our blog.