How AsianDate Protects Its Website Members

Because the online dating scene isn’t always safe, it is difficult to imagine a 100 percent scam-free dating experience but that it precisely what AsianDate is aiming to accomplish. Since it’s creation in 1993, AsianDate has been dedicated to protecting their member base. Having had this much experience in the field, AsianDate has long become aware of the need for a secure online dating platform and that has led to the company developing a system that prevents scamming.

Online Dating ScammersAsianDate demonstrates what those security methods are on their website where members can find the DO’s and DONT’s of online dating, an explanation about profile verification and various anti-scam policies.

The DO’s and DONT’safe

AsianDate makes sure that all members have access to a list of the most common ways scammers try to take advantage of online daters. The majority of them can be found on the AsianDate blog but some only on the website itself. Here is a list of the most important red flags to pay attention to:


*Do not send any money to any of the ladies.
*Give out too many personal details to someone you just met.


*Exchange any and all contact information via the “Call Me” service.
*Enjoy video chats with someone now and then
*Arrange Dates via the “Date Me” service.

Following the tips provided ensures that member’s personal information stays private and that members can verify the identity of whoever they are corresponding with.

Profile Verification

Every female member must go through a verification process before AsianDate accepts them. The process is long but necessary. Before a woman is allowed to sign up, her id is checked to verify her identity. There is a videotaped interview where she is asked information to confirm the information she wants to add to her profile.

Anti-Scam Policy

You can find statements about AsianDate’s reimbursement and scam policies on the website. All information is provided to help solve scamming related problems. AsianDate has a team keeping a close eye on all activity on the site, but there still may be incidents that are out of the company’s hands. Those situations include:

*The lady refuses to answer questions in an email.
*If the woman isn’t interested in meeting with a member.
*The agency has made a mistake translating a letter.

Additional information can be found on the site. If a woman misidentifies herself, asks for money or expensive gifts, misrepresents details she added to her profile, AsianDate will make sure appropriate action will be taken and reimbursements paid. Customer care service works 24-7 to cater to any issues members may have.

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