How Is Fear Affecting Your AsianDating Life?

How long has it been since you had a girlfriend? The reason we’re asking is that we all have a tendency to be too eager to be in a relationship when we’ve been single for a while. We’re most likely afraid of being alone. It’s a natural feeling to have, but it might affect your AsianDating life if you let it get to you.

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AsianDating: Being In A Rush Makes You Settle For Less

When we feel alone, the tendency is for us to meet more people online, and sort of force ourselves into being noticed. It’s kind of similar to panic buying because of a shortage. It’s not a very positive comparison, but it sure is accurate.

Why Is My AsianDating Life In Jeopardy?

The fear of being alone is affecting your AsianDating life because you’re more likely to meet the wrong Asian girl. You’ll settle for a lot less, and you won’t look for someone better. A study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirms this.

The Study

The study was conducted by a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Toronto named Stephanie Spielmann. She did seven different studies focused on how our fear of being alone or of loneliness could affect our relationship and our choice of partners.

All the studies used adult participants of different ages. These participants had to fill out online surveys and questionnaires.

40 out of 153 participants in one study said they were scared of not having a serious relationship. 12% did not want to lose their current partner, 11% were scared of growing old alone, and 7% feared never having kids and a family.

Come To Terms With Your Fear

If you want to end up with the right Asian girl, you have to come to terms with your fear of being alone. You should also learn to be more patient. Remember that dating is not a race. The right person may also be waiting for you!

While you’re waiting, learn how you can improve yourself, so you’re ready when the Asian girl of your dreams comes your way. For more dating tips, don’t hesitate to check out more of our posts on our blog.