How To Ask An Asian Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Do you know what an Asian girl would appreciate? Effort and romance. When you’ve met someone who you consider to be special, you’d want to put in all the effort and love needed to ask this person to be your girlfriend. It’s major moments like this that you will remember in your (potential) relationship so ensuring that the moment becomes unforgettable is a must.

Asian Date | How To Ask An Asian Girl To Be Your Girlfriend
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Romantic Suggestions When Asking An Asian Girl To Go Steady

That’s why today we’re cluing you in on what you can do to make a girlfriend proposal a little bit more unique than just blatantly asking.

The Cardboard Sign

Cardboard signs are so popular with any proposal whether it be for marriage, prom or asking someone to be your girlfriend, so why not jump in on the bandwagon? After your date, surprise her by pulling a cardboard sign out of nowhere with the writings: “Will you be my girlfriend?” We love this idea because you can also do it when you’re online dating.

Sneak It In A Song

Rather than just popping the question, you can always sing the question if you’re up for it. Pick your Asian girl’s favorite song and then sing it out loud. While you’re in the middle or the chorus, sneak the question in. Make sure that you highlight the question, though, so she won’t mistake as the lyrics of the song.

Try Google Calendar

If you’re more of a techie person or if you are online dating, a creative way of asking an Asian girl to go steady is by using technology. Specifically, you can use Google calendar. Create an event, the event being your question, and then invite her via email. Doing this will also make you remember your couple’s anniversary because it’s on your calendar.

Fortune Cookie

Do you see where this is going? Request a restaurant you’re going to eat dinner at to make a special fortune cookie for you. Instead of the usual fortune on paper, replace it with your question.

Talk about romance! Your Asian girl will definitely find the moment memorable. It shows that you’re ready to invest yourself into a relationship with her. It’s pretty hard for your Asian girl to say no if you do any of the things on this list too. For more creative ways in dating, you can check out more posts on our blog. Don’t forget to share this post with friends!