How To Break Up With Your Asian Love The Right Way

Breaking up in real life is nothing like the movies where both parties move on only after a couple of scenes. Nope. Breaking up with your Asian love, for example, in real life is full of drama, resentment, and, sometimes, stalking. Well, not the kind that would get you arrested, just the kind that is going to make you feel worse: asking mutual friends about her, watching her every move on social media.

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The Approach To Breaking Up With Your Asian Love With Lesser Drama

Here’s the deal. No matter what you say or how you do it, breakups will never be easy. The man always seems to get a bad reputation too. It’s never easy to say that you want to end the relationship, but you can always do something to lessen the drama and make the transition to single life easier, not just for you but, for her.

Break Up With Her Face To Face

If you want to be a jerk, go ahead and break up with your Asian love through text or over the phone. If you want to be respectful, you have to do it face to face. When this happens, you have to be ready to listen and answer questions with honesty. It can get messy, but it’s the right thing to do.

Remember to choose your words carefully while talking to her because she’s going to be extra sensitive and angry.

Make Sure Your Decision Is Final

You cannot take back all your words once you’ve said them. So, before you tell her that you’re calling it quits, make sure your decision is final.

Give Her Space

Give her space in all aspects – don’t call her, don’t message her, don’t even look at her pictures on social media. Your goal is for her to move on and she can’t do that if there’s still communication happening.

Give Her Friend and Family Space Too

It’s best that you do not contact her friends and family too. You may be worried about her, but she’s got her support system. You don’t have to check up on her through her friends or family.

Don’t Get Jealous

When she has already moved on, recognize that you don’t have the right to be jealous. Seeing her with someone new, or seeing her hang out with male friends you’ve never met before may sting a little, but you have to go through the same kind of process yourself to move on.

There aren’t any real solutions for the hurt both people feel when they are breaking up. What you can do is provide best possible conditions for yourself and for your former Asian love, to help both of you move on quicker. For more Asian dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.