How To Flirt Without Creeping Her Out

We know it might seem like this article isn’t for you. You think to yourself “I know I’m not a creep, what’s this all about?” Now, you may well not be threatening or predatory in the least, but sometimes women – being the complex creatures they are – may get all the wrong signals from certain things you inadvertently do. She will just walk away and you will never hear from her again. Unless you read this article about how to flirt with her without creeping her out.

Learn how to flirt her effectively without creeping her out.
Be flirty but make sure not to scare her away.

How To Flirt Effectively, Not Predatorily

Let’s agree on one thing: flirting is not the easiest thing to do. It takes skills and being on alert and at the same time charming and laid-back. Not a simple task any way you look at it. So, things can so slightly wrong very easily. A wrong signal, a little bit of overexcitement and a difference in how you express yourselves and you can end up scaring her away without meaning to. Here are some things to keep in mind – they will make your (dating) life easier.

Watch Your Body Language

We’ve talked before about the importance of maintaining the right body language on a date, but let’s make things clear. When we say you should make steady eye-contact, this does not mean you are supposed to stare at her all night long. You are allowed to look elsewhere sometimes. And blink – don’t forget to blink. Have you seen cats about to fight? They give those long stares before they pounce, this is not a message you want to convey on a date.

Watch Your Actual Language

Remember that you are out with a lady and keep your tone and language appropriate. Whatever happens, keep your cool. Even if you get road rage as you are taking her to her home, don’t swear. If the waiter makes a mistake, don’t get all angry and offensive. Keep your tone friendly and your language polite. Otherwise, chances are she will make a run for it and you’ll be left wondering why.

Take a “No” At Face Value

Despite what some might say, a “no” is not a “yes”. A “no” is a “no”. A “yes” is a “yes”. If the former is what you hear (or see from her actions), just give up and move on. There’s no use pushing things if she’s not into you. Rejection happens, so what?

Don’t Go Overboard

This advice applies to every little thing on your date and after it. Do you want to compliment her? Do it, but don’t overdo it. One compliment is enough, two tops. You want to share things about yourself, go on, but leave something for next time too. If you want to know all about her, don’t go interrogating her. If you loved your date and want to do it again, communicate with her in a casual manner (see how to do it here), don’t bombard her with messages and phone calls.

Hopefully, this small list of how to flirt without scaring the girl away has been helpful. For more useful dating advice and tips, click here. For the chance to meet lovely Asian ladies, you can visit AsianDate. For more about us, find us on LinkedIn.