How To Survive The AsianDating Scene

You might think that the AsianDating scene is easy to figure out, but it isn’t. You have to have a good understanding of the Asian dating culture because the dating tactics you apply to ladies in your country won’t work with Asian females.

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Understanding The AsianDating Scene

A good understanding of the AsianDating scene will be the key to successfully dating beautiful women from Asia, both online and offline. Here’s the AsianDating scene in a nutshell (divided into two categories):

Offline Scene

The offline AsianDating scene has one key, and that’s circles. For you to date an Asian woman, you have to be introduced to her by someone she knows. This “bridge” to her could be her officemate, friend, family member, a former classmate and so on. Whoever your connection is, he or she has to put in a good word for you.

To be honest, asking an Asian woman out spontaneously in a cafe, or restaurant is a longshot. Rarely will an Asian lady say yes, especially to a foreign man. However, if she has seen you several times in the same place where she always is, you’ll have a better chance at her saying yes.

If you live in a major city where expats are common, then you can take a chance at randomly asking a girl out.

Online Scene

The online AsianDating scene is better for foreign men because Asian ladies are not close minded when it comes to internet communication. They most probably started online dating to meet people from other countries. When you want to be successful in dating Asian women online, you have to remember three things: patience, consistency, and effort.

It’s a good idea if you start off with online dating, too, because it’s a gateway for you to meet Asian ladies in real life. Since you know that Asian girls don’t open up to strangers quickly, why not make multiple connections online and then meet them one by one?

The online approach can also bring you other opportunities to make dating more successful. Translation services and dating tours, for example, are some online dating services that are available to you.

What’s Your Scene?

Whatever kind of scene you want to survive in, make sure that you’re the perfect gentleman. If you do your dating with the utmost respect to an Asian woman and her culture, there’ll be more girls lining up to meet you. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to check out more posts on our blog!