How To Win Over Friends Of Your Asian Date

Your Asian date has probably introduced you to her friends already. Do they like you? What do you think are their opinions of a foreign guy dating their friend? Asian girls stick together. And once you’ve had your fair share of dissatisfied glances, you’ve most likely come to a conclusion that your Asian date’s friends don’t like you.

Asian Date | How To Win Over The Friends Of Your Hot Asian Date

Steps To Dating Your Asian Date’s Friends

It’s not what you think! This subtitle only means that if you want to continue dating the Asian girl you’re with, you’d have to try your best to get on her friends’ good side. Her friends are her walls of protection; they influence her thoughts and decisions.

In short, you’re not just dating the Asian lady you’re with, you also have to “date” her friends to get on their good side.

Don’t take it personally. Over-protectiveness towards someone close is a typical Asian characteristic. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to overcoming this. Read the following steps:

1. Know who her friends are.

The first step for you to do is to know who her friends are. What are they like? Are they all girls? What kind of lifestyle do they have? Finding out the answers to questions like these will give you a clearer picture of how you can approach the situation.

2. Find a way to be accepted into the circle.

Step two is figuring out how to be accepted into the circle. How you can do this depends on what you found out on Step 1. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you don’t need to be chatty or become too close with your Asian date’s friends. You just need to show them that you’re a good guy and that you truly care for their friend.

3. Don’t worry about friends who simply don’t like you.

Step three is acceptance. You have to accept that she may have friends who will refuse to like you. You can’t do anything about that, and you cannot spend your entire time trying to please them. If you’re truly serious about the Asian lady you’re with you’ll win them over eventually.

While doing these three steps, you have to remember that no matter what you do, your sincerity will shine through. A sincere heart will win over anyone. There might be someone who will take a longer time to like you but just go through the process of proving yourself to your Asian date. You’ll get through to them eventually. For more helpful Asian dating tips, check out other posts on our blog.