What’s Hyping? You Know It And Probably Caused It, But It Still Shocked You

It’s the done thing these days: we name things that have existed since forever but no one seemed to care about enough to actually christen them. After ghosting, breadcrumbing, vampireing and a host of other dating and relationships habits or techniques, here comes hyping.

Learn about hyping, the new dating term.
Is it possible you’re been preparing her for her next, happy relationship all along?

What Exactly Is Hyping, Then?

We can almost hear your collective question, but it’s a very simple thing. Just stop us if you’ve heard this one before. You go out with her for some time and then, almost a minute after you break up, she has moved on to a new, serious, committed relationship. And you’re left with a big question mark written all over your face. What.has.just.happened?

So, you met this lady and fell madly in love with her. You dated for some time – weeks, months or even years. Maybe you knew there were some problems with her low self-esteem and you worked on them together, maybe she was hurt from a nasty breakup and you nurtured her, boosted her ego, lifted her spirits and helped her stand back up on her feet.

And then, as things progressed and your feelings got deeper, out of the blue she broke the news to you: she’s not ready to commit, she doesn’t feel like settling down, she wants to play the field and casually date a little more.

Of course, you are dumbstruck. And then, before a minute has passed, you get an even bigger surprise. She is engaged/married/having a baby with her new partner. And guess who she should probably thank for hyping her,  preparing her for the big commitment with someone she probably feels is closer to what she had been looking for, and making her go for a long-term relationship (yes, that’s you).

Will You Always Be The Hyper?

Like a warm-up act preparing the crowds for the big name to appear onstage, you were what Ed Sheeran used to be to Taylor Swift on her Red tour.

But, look at where Ed Sheeran is now (global superstardom), and just as he slowly found his well-deserved place the more he got hyped up himself, be sure that so will you find the right person who deserves you and will make you the real protagonist of her life.