If You Hear These Date Phrases, It Means Everything Is Going Well

How do you know if your date is going well? Of course, there are numerous signs that you can observe. For example, if a woman is constantly laughing at your jokes, it could mean that she’s interested in you. Aside from non-verbal cues, you could watch out for date phrases that she mentions.

If You Hear These Date Phrases, It Means Everything Is Going Well | Asian Date

Date Phrases You Definitely Want To Hear During Your Dates

The words that we speak are very important because they can clearly convey what we have in our minds. In terms of dating, if your date says any of the date phrases below, then you can be absolutely sure that she is going to say yes to a second date:

1. “I admire you for being sensitive”.

If your date picked up on a trait that people don’t commonly see in you during your conversations, it means that she’s paying attention 100%. Also, it’s not very common for men to receive compliments for traits that are not too obvious. It just goes to show that she sees something deep in you.

2. “I feel safe around you”.

This is another great date phrase that you should watch out for. If your date says that she feels safe around you, it means that she feels comfortable around you – comfortable enough to keep seeing you.

3. “Go and fulfill your dream. Don’t stop yourself.”

Has your date ever spoken words of encouragement to you? It likely means that she believes in you. Generally, people don’t put their faith or hope into something or someone who’s going to be temporary.

4. “Could you do me a favor?”

Wait, what does a favor have to do with getting a sure yes for a second date? Plenty! Women know that men want to appear as a knight in shining armor to a damsel in distress. Clearly, she’s playing the damsel in this situation. She’s grabbing your attention by asking you to do her a favor.

These date phrases are surprising, aren’t they? Just remember that your date doesn’t have to say the exact same words. It could be something similar to the items we’ve listed down. Once you hear any of the date phrases, muster up enough courage to ask her out on a second date. For more tips, visit the rest of our blog.