Interesting Topics Of Conversation For A Successful Date

We’ve all been there. First dates are always intimidating and awkward. You don’t know each other that well, you don’t want to offend her or appear to be too inquisitive, and you don’t have any common experiences to discuss. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared. These conversation openers are certain to guarantee a successful date.

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A successful date is easy to do if you have prepared some interesting conversation topics.

Make Yours A Successful Date

One thing you definitely don’t want your date to have are those seemingly endless, awkward silences. Spare yourself the torment by playing some conversation scenarios in your mind beforehand. Remember that preparation is key to everything – including a successful date.

It’s advisable to start a conversation with the least personal topic. You can start by talking about your job and asking about hers – but you must try not to get into much detail as it can easily get boring. A good idea is to ask her more about her aspirations and tell her about yours in return. It’s more positive and much more interesting.

Depending on where your date is taking place, you can ask her about her favorite film/ music/ dish. Everyone loves talking about their favorite things, and a conversation about cinema, music or food is practically endless. It’s also going to give you some ideas about what your next date should involve.

Bring Positive Vibes To Your Date

Bring more positive vibes to the conversation by asking about her best childhood memory. This topic will definitely bring smiles to both of you. The added bonus here is that you will learn about her upbringing and family and general background.

Once she feels more relaxed and you get a little cozier, you can ask her about her worst date ever. The trick here is to completely avoid getting into exes territory. A good idea is to set the tone by taking the lead, joking about your own date from hell. When she opens up, you will get to learn some very useful info – all the things you want to avoid doing at all costs.

The last question of the night, assuming your date ticks all the boxes, should be ‘when will I see you again?” Don’t waste time and don’t play hard to get. Show her how much of a good time you had with her and be confident.

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