Is Asian Date A Scam: Stories You Need To Read

Asian Date has already made a name for itself in the online dating industry because of the number of years it’s been helping people connect despite the distance. However, many still ask the question “Is Asian Date a scam”? It’s understandable for people to be a bit skeptical with online dating websites nowadays because there are sites that exist to scam people.

is Asian Date a scam

Is Asian Date A Scam: Couples’ Stories Proving That Asian Date Is Legit

You can rest assured that Asian Date is not a scam. There have been plenty of couples who have successfully found each other through the Asian Date website, and we’re going to talk about their stories today.

Arthur And Ying

What you need to know about Arthur and Ying’s story is that it did not start out like a fairy tale. Well, at least not for Arthur. He saw Ying’s profile on the Asian Date website and thought that Ying was an interesting lady to get to know. He sent email after email, but Ying didn’t reply because she was not interested.

Still, Arthur persisted. He told us that he didn’t want to seem like a stalker so he decided that emailing Ying once or twice every month would be good enough. Based on Ying’s account of their meeting, she went online one day with a heavy heart. She didn’t tell us the reason why she had a bad day, but Arthur’s emails cheered her up. She decided to reply. Now, the couple is in a serious, long-distance relationship.

Mark And Angel

Angel is from the Philippines. Mark, on the other hand, is from New Jersey. When the two met on the Asian Date site, Angel’s first impression of Mark was that he was too confident.

Angel was interested to know more about Mark, but she always had to change the subject or remind Mark to let her talk every time Mark got into talking about himself, his life in New Jersey, his job and so on.

Mark says that Angel would always tell him to stop talking whenever he got too talkative. Other men would have been put off, Mark continues, but that’s what he loves about Angel – she’s straightforward and honest.

Both decided to enter into a relationship after a few months of chatting and calling. They bicker like cats and dogs sometimes, but their relationship seems to work. They have been together for a little more than a year.

We have more couples’ stories for you to read on our blog so make sure to check the other stories out after reading this. If we didn’t answer the question “Is Asian Date a scam?” for you, visit Asian Date so you can find out for yourself whether beautiful Asian ladies are legit or not.