Is It OK To Ghost Someone You’re Dating?

Have you ever heard of ghosting? If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s an online dating term that means you’ve disappeared from the radar, stopped talking to someone you’ve been dating online for a while. You vanish without letting the person know. It’s like spotting a ghost – one minute you were there, and  you suddenly disappear into thin air the next.

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When Can You Ghost Someone Without Feeling Guilty?

Ghosting is unacceptable because disappearing without telling the other person what they may have done wrong is unacceptable. It’s like leaving another person hanging. Nobody likes the feeling of not knowing whether you’re still going to come back, or whether they did something wrong. Ghosting is simply a no-no when you are dating online, but there are cases when you can ghost someone without feeling guilty:

1. The person does not want to see you in person.

Online dating may start on the internet, but remember that the ultimate goal is for you to meet offline and then go forward, entering into a relationship when the spark is there. Talking to someone who expresses that they are not willing to meet with you offline is simply a waste of time. You can ghost this person without feeling guilty because there’s no point of continuing to talk to them.

2. The person’s rage is building up and he or she is directing it towards you.

When you’re in a discussion with a person and the discussion becomes heated, you’ll be able to tell if he or she can control his or her anger, right? The tone of their voice, the choice of their words and the way they interact changes when they become angry. There’s nothing wrong with this if the person manages his or her anger. But, when anger turns into rage, don’t think twice before ghosting this person.

3. The person is showing early signs of stalking.

Stalkers are inevitable when you’re dating online. You have to know how to deal with a stalker. First off, if you feel like the person you just met online is stalking you, follow what your gut is saying and ghost this person. You should never confront stalkers – do not reply to messages or take calls even if you want to say “leave me alone”.

Well, that was informative, wasn’t it? Who would’ve thought that it would be ok to ghost someone you’ve met online? It basically comes down to your safety, so make sure you remember these tips when you meet someone new. Do you need more dating tips like this one? We have plenty on our blog. You can also check out Asian Date to meet beautiful Asian ladies.