Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two Women At The Same Time?

Love triangles have been the stuff of some of the biggest film, TV shows, classic books, songs and telephone conversations since what feels like the beginning of time. However, how possible is it for a man to be in love with two women simultaneously?

Despite popular belief, you can't really be in love with two women at once.
Can a man really be in love with two women at once?

The Truth About Being In Love With Two Women

Even though in real life being torn between two love interests is largely frowned upon, in art it has actually been glorified for the drama and tension it creates. However, when we are in the real world there are some reasons why being equally in love with two women at once is simply not feasible.

First of all, when we are head over heels, we really have no eyes for anyone else other than our love interest. By definition, then, when a man is madly in love with a woman, he should not be able to find any other woman equally captivating.

Confused Feelings

If a relationship has gone some way, it is possible that one can feel tired of the problems that come with fatigue and monotony. The interest of another woman and her admiration and attention might be very welcome and manage to make him feel infatuated with her. However, in such a case he is either no longer in love with his partner, or is confusing being flattered with being in love.

It may also be that after some time we might make the mistake of taking our partner for granted. It is only natural that the butterflies in the stomach that you feel in the early stages of a relationship will subside after some time together, as you feel more secure. This is when the idea of feeling this excitement again might seem interesting. If so, a man might go out looking for someone who will excite him and wake up these long-forgotten butterflies. However, again this would either mean he is no longer in love with his partner, or that he does not realize that the new feeling of excitement is only fleeting. Quite frequently, men come to realize how much in love they are with their long-term partner only when they risk losing her.

In Conclusion

To cut a long story short, even though love triangles might sound great in songs and look intriguing in films, they are not much probable in reality. If you find yourself torn between two women, chances are that you are either truly in love with one of them or, quite possibly, neither of them.

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