Key Relationship Moments Every Couple Must Go Through

Despite how those on the outside may see them, even the happiest of couples have gone through moments that were trying for their relationship. In fact, it may well be that the happiest of couples are that way thanks to these key relationship moments. Here are the relationship-defining experiences all couples must go through.

These are the relationship moments that are essential in every couple's common life.
Certain relationship moments will make your bond stronger.

How These Relationship Moments Benefit You

From the simplest things to the most important ones, it’s all in the details. This is how going through certain experiences will help your relationship grow stronger.

Seeing her with ‘the gang’.

Brace yourself for that moment. It’s when you see her in her female pack of wolves and all those inquisitive eyes automatically fall on you. You know full well they will all be talking about you in detail soon. Smile and be polite. This moment will define your relationship because you may be a lonely sheep but they might spare you (that is, give you their seal of approval) if you’re nice.

Going to your first wedding together (not your own).

Attending a wedding for the first time may seem trivial, but it means more than just going any place together. It basically means you are serious about each other – enough to present each other in front of a sea of relatives and close friends. Plus, if you can get through this boring affair and make it fun together, it means a lot.

The first time one of you is ill.

The first time you or she runs a fever and sports a crazy runny nose is defining for your relationship. It reveals how caring and attentive she is if you are ill or how grumpy and whiny she is as a patient. Having to stay home among mountains of tissues and mucus is no fun, but the fact you made it through this as one is important. Life isn’t always fun either.

Your first holidays together.

When you go on your first holidays together you will get to see details about her you didn’t know. Usually the first time we vacation as a couple is also the most time we get to spend together under one roof at once up until that point, so be prepared for some arguing and things annoying you that you didn’t know existed. But this is a memory that you will have forever as a couple, so make it a good one.

Making a huge investment mistake.

A relationship may be a romantic thing, but it also has practical sides to it. The hardest of them – for most couples at least – is handling expenses together. The first time you buy something you can’t really afford, from a new car to a holidays package, you will come face-to-face with the harsh reality of having to deal with financial difficulties. Dealing with difficulties as a team is a test for your relationship, and if you pass this test you will surely come out stronger.

Some more serious than others, these are the key relationship  moments that can solidify your bond and help you communicate more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to embrace the good times as well as the bad ones together, every experience is important in your story as a couple.

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