How To Know If You Are In A Functional Relationship

When you are in a functional relationship, everything seems like it’s running smoothly. There may be times where we argue with the person we’re dating, but everything goes back to being peaceful and easy. This is what a functional relationship is supposed to feel like.

How To Know If You Are In A Functional Relationship | Asian Date

A Functional Relationship Will Have These Characteristics

It’s sad to say, but most modern relationships are dysfunctional because of a number of factors. The two people in the relationship may have conflicting attitudes towards a particular situation. Or, they simply just don’t agree with something and they don’t know how to handle it. Because this is the norm, right now, how would one identify if the current relationship they are in is functional or not?

More Positive Experiences

Experts say that a relationship that’s in a good place will have five positive experiences for every one bad experience. This ratio was identified by gathering data from different participants. If your relationship feels like there are more bad experiences compared to good ones, it’s not looking good.

A Functional Relationship Practice Gentle Startups

Gentle startups are necessary when talking about difficult issues. For example, if you are mad, you shouldn’t just explode or blurt out what the problem is. There has to be a gentle startup for the issue. Use light humor, jokes, or even just a soft voice to intro something that you might fight over.

Successful Repairs

Of course, no relationship is perfect. A couple in a functional relationship will attempt to fix things. When the attempt is successful, meaning if there was a resolution and an implementation of said resolution, it’s a green light.

When none of the signs sound like your relationship it’s time to do something about it. Observe how you and your partner act in your relationship, and then talk about it to come up with a solution. It’s going to be a difficult talk, especially when the topic is about the faults you see in each other, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. For more dating tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.