In The Eyes Of The Ladies, Hairy Men Make Hot Dates

Waxing or grooming is expected for women, but recently, men have joined the bandwagon. Many young men are so into it that they sometimes overtake women as the best customers in the hair removal center. If you’re considering threading your brows or waxing any part of your body, you may want to hold off on it because a survey says women think hairy men make hot dates.

In The Eyes Of The Ladies, Hairy Men Make Hot Dates | Asian Date

A Majority Of Women Think Men Who Have Not Shaved Make Hot Dates

So what makes hairiness so attractive when many of us spend a nice chunk of our salaries to get rid of the hairs on our bodies? Take a look at the following reasons why and see if you agree:

1. Men feel and appear masculine.

Backed by science, research shows that 54% of women prefer a masculine man. One characteristic that makes men appear masculine is facial hair — not the clean-shaven one or the guy who has waxed his chest.

2. They are smart.

It seems that bodily hair growth is connected to the intellect. Research shows that the intellectual lot, like doctors, scientists, and professors, have body hair under their lab coats and suits. Additionally, another study found that the majority of the male members in Mensa, which is the largest IQ society in the world, also have thick body hair.

3. They are funny.

This isn’t exactly rocket science, but it seems that a lot of famous funnymen are also hairy. Some of the well-known examples are Will Ferrell, Jason Mantzoukas, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jim Gaffigan, and Zach Galifianakis.

4. They’re into good causes.

The month of November is the time when men go out and promote awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Participants grow out their facial hair for a movement called “Movember”. Men who bring awareness to worthy causes definitely make hot dates.

At present, it is noted that the majority of male millennials, numbering at 57%, undergo manscaping. They do not only shed their beards but many also have hairs on their chest, and legs removed. That’s the status quo. But, dare to be different and go hairy. Hairy men are not only hot dates but are also husband-material. Are you, now, willing to give hairy dates a shot? For more fun posts about dating, make sure to read the rest of our blog.