LDR Questions You Should Have Answers For To Survive

Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) is nowhere near similar to a walk in the park. LDRs require a good amount of effort from both people in the relationship. This is the reason why it’s important to think things through before you engage in an LDR. For you to know for sure, you have to answer specific LDR questions.

LDR Questions You Should Have Answers For To Survive | Asian Date

LDR Questions That Will Help You Realize If You’re Ready Or Not

Below, we’ve listed the essential LDR questions that will help you determine if you and your partner are ready for this kind of relationship or not. Answer the following questions honestly:

1. Are you both willing to put in some effort?

Like what was mentioned, a good amount of effort is needed to make the entire relationship work. In terms of communication, sacrificing, giving up a few things on your schedule to make time for a call or a video chat, etc – all of these require effort. Are you both willing to do it?

2. Do you trust each other enough?

You and your partner need to trust each other fully when you want to get into an LDR. If you have plenty of trust issues (from both sides), an LDR might not be the best type of relationship to have. That’s the honest truth.

3. Are you ready to work on your communication?

Aside from putting in effort into all aspects of your LDR, you need to work on your communication skills. Since you won’t be together physically, you need to learn to say how you’re feeling. If there’s something that you’re not comfortable with, you need to have a conversation with your significant other. This won’t always be comfortable, but it’s essential.

4. Are you and your partner will to give extra support?

It’s unfortunate to say, but it’s important for you to know. You’ll need to give your partner extra support when something unfortunate has happened. Of course, your partner needs to do the same thing. You won’t be able to comfort each other through touch so you have to do it by talking, and just being present digitally.

If you and your partner have positive answers to these LDR questions, then you’re good to go. But, if you didn’t have good answers on some of the questions, you can always work on that specific area of your relationship. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.