Lessons in Asian Dating: Courting a Filipina Woman

When you are blessed enough to be courting a Filipina woman, then you will surely learn a lot from this experience. It goes beyond simple life lessons, in fact, you get to experience something that may change your life. On top of that you have the good luck of getting to know a whole new culture – Filipino culture and with that a bit of the Asian dating culture. Let’s take a look at what lessons one can learn from dating a Filipina woman.

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What You Must Know Before Dating A Filipina Woman

1. Family Comes First

The family is the number one value in the life of a Filipina woman. It can be said that in Asia, in general, the family is everything for people. Even if your date expresses that her family doesn’t always make her happy, that doesn’t mean that she is estranged from them in any way. They go to family for advice and often the family has a say so in who people get into relationships with. You need to leave a good impression.

2. Smart With Money

Before we get into this topic, know that not every Filipina woman is like this, but a majority of them are raised to be conservative with their money. They save up for whatever their family may need in the future and if you want to date these ladies you better have a similar mindset. Lavish gifts are unnecessary. Just as spending a lot on clothes or jewellery.

3. Dating is Conservative

Filipino culture is still very traditional, and that means the dating is conservative. Women don’t go out with random people that approach them. The best way to get a date is to make friends with people and then go out as a group. Later on, once you have already gotten to know someone, it is okay for you to ask them out alone.

4. Value Placed on Morals

In the Filipino culture, morals are very similar to the strong Asian morals. The culture is based very strongly on religion, family values and traditions. In dating, therefore, a lot of her behavior is influenced by these morals. Physical intimacy, for instance, takes longer to happen in this part of the world. Trust, respect and the like come before everything. Patience is a virtue, and you will need to demonstrate that to your partner.

5. Food As A Hobby

Filipino culture is crazy for food, and perhaps you will be happy to know that your average Filipina woman does not shy away from eating. In the Western world, girls are always concerned about not eating too much and how many calories there are in everything. In the Filipino culture, the issue of food is a non-issue. Food is to be enjoyed.

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